A New Aparment for My Foster Daughter

I looked at two bedroom McDonough apartments when I knew I was going to become a foster mom. I just didn’t have enough room where I was at, and that was the stipulation on my application being accepted. I already knew that I wanted to stay in the same area, so that narrowed down my choice a good bit. I wanted my foster child to feel comfortable, and the apartments at Crossing at McDonough was perfect for that. The first thing I looked at was the apartment layout.

I wanted both of us to have our privacy, but I also wanted us to have plenty of room in the common section of the apartment. The apartment that I ended up getting is better than I could have expected. Read More »

Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city can be pretty scary, especially when it is the biggest one that you have ever lived in before. I lived in the suburbs of Pittsburgh before, but I did not have to go into the city to work or anything. When I moved to Atlanta, I knew that I would be right in the heart of the city. I wanted to look at luxury apartments for Atlanta residents because of that, because I wanted to find an apartment that would be centrally located to everything I would need.

When I saw The Pad’s location, I did some research to make sure it was in the right location. Read More »

I Was Tired of Feeling Boxed in

I was tired of feeling like I had a zillion neighbors. I know that it was nowhere near that many, but it sure did feel like it at times. I am not a hermit, but I found myself spending more and more time inside rather than going out and enjoying the amenities at my apartment. I decided to find a better apartment because I honestly did not want to spend all my time cooped up inside. I did a search for Grand Prairie apartments for rent, and I only looked at the ones that looked to be more secluded.

When I found The Forum at Grand Prairie, I knew instantly that I wanted to see if I could move there. I was able to apply online, and it did not take them long to get back to me that I was eligible for one of the apartments there. I only needed a one bedroom apartment, and they had two different floor plans that I could look at. I did go with the bigger one in case I spent time inside again, but I was really hoping that it would be a different experience at this complex. Read More »