Dynamically creating folders and pages from the data store in Kentico CMS

This article explains how to create folder structure and pages in Kentico content tree using code. These kinds of situations are very common when we want to move an existing site to Kentico CMS. Recently, we came across such a situation where we have to move the existing ASP site into Kentico CMS. The client is very particular about the same Folder and file structure because of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The other issue is moving of the content from the data store to the -Editable Text’ web part of the pages, which are large in number have to be created dynamically. 1.Creating folder structure from existing site. //Getting folder Structure from Existing site DirectoryInfo parentInfo = new DirectoryInfo(@”Existing site local copy path”); DirectoryInfo[] childInfo = parentInfo.GetDirectories (); if (childInfo.Length > 0) { for (int i = 0; i

// Create new instance of the Tree provider TreeProvider tree = new TreeProvider(CMSContext.CurrentUser); // Get parent node TreeNode parentNode = tree.SelectSingleNode(CMSContext.CurrentSiteName, “/”, “en-us”);

if (parentNode != null) { // Creating the folder TreeNode newNode = TreeNode.New(“CMS.Folder”, tree); newNode.DocumentName = childInfo[i].ToString(); newNode.DocumentCulture = “en-us”; newNode.Insert(parentNode); } } }

2.After creating the folder I want create the pages. Since all the pages in the site are similar in look and feel, I created a Page Template, and I created the pages using the below code. (You need to capture the template id to create pages dynamically).

// Create new instance of the Tree provider TreeProvider tree = new TreeProvider(CMSContext.CurrentUser); // Get parent node TreeNode parentNode = tree.SelectSingleNode(CMSContext.CurrentSiteName,”/”, “en-us”); string[] parfiles = Directory.GetFiles(@”Existing site local copy path”);

if (parfiles.Length > 0) { for (int f = 0; f

//Create instance for the new template PageTemplateInfo templateInfo = null; templateInfo = new PageTemplateInfo(true); // Create TestPage under parent folder TreeNode newNode = TreeNode.New(“CMS.MenuItem”, tree); newNode.DocumentName = parfiles[f].ToString(); newNode.SetDefaultPageTemplateID(templateInfo.PageTemplateId);

//The page will displayed on site map newNode.SetValue(“DocumentShowInSiteMap”, true);

//The page will not displayed on Navigation newNode.SetValue(“DocumentMenuItemHideInNavigation”, true); newNode.DocumentCulture = “en-us”; newNode.Insert(parentNode);

3.Finally, Moving the content from the data store to the editbale webpart in the pages

//Start accessing web part and adding content PageInfo parentpi = PageInfoProvider.GetPageInfo(CMS.CMSHelper.CMSContext.CurrentSiteName, “”, CMS.CMSHelper.CMSContext.CurrentDocumentCulture.CultureCode, “”, newNode.NodeID, false); if (dtcontent.Rows.Count > 0) { parentpi.EditableWebParts[“editabletext”] = (dtcontent.Rows[0][“Content”].ToString() != “”) ? dtcontent.Rows[0][“Content”].ToString() : “”; } Else { parentpi.EditableWebParts[“editabletext”] = “”; } // Set DocumentContent value newNode.SetValue(“DocumentContent”, parentpi.DocumentContent);

// Update node newNode.Update();

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Great Zen Cart Addons With Store Manager For Zen Cart Software

Zen Cart Addons are the most useful applications for online shop management. This article will explain to you that these Store Manager for Zen Cart extensions boost the work of store owners and also managers and open your store for the whole world.

ZenCart shopping cart is an excellent selection for your online store management. Store Manager for ZenCart is one of the most reliable tools and helps you to save your time and money. It comes with new great features, automates regular tasks and makes easier usual daily operations. You are going to be sure that your online store is in good hands.

ZenCart addons help to make store friendlier to business owners as well as consumers. They are Store Manager for ZenCart extensions, so this particular software must be installed. Zen Cart Addons help you globalize all of your store business. It automate and greatly improve regular tasks and operations giving you clear and stress-free management.

ZenCart Addons will let you make what you offer widespread and well-known across the world. As an example, eBay export gives you the opportunity to export products, their descriptions and auction configuration settings from your own store to eBay. The last one is an internet auction website where you are able to buy and sell an over-all kind of product or service throughout the world.

Another ZenCart addon – IceCat Product Catalogue Integration enables not to waste time thinking over a good detailed description of the product. You simply need to download product information and images right from IceCat Catalogue. The easily understood descriptions make your products easy-to-find on the internet.

Popular store with high sales invites plenty of new clients. Mass Product Changer addon can easily increase sales. It enables you to make product pricing fantastic in few clicks. Clever marketing price tag like $9.99 as a substitute of $10.00 can supply you with plenty of new consumers.

ZenCart Addons also give the opportunity to export all of your products, customers data and orders right from your store to QuickBooks (great accounting software) and also orders from ZenCart to Mail Order Manager Software. They enable printing postal shipping labeling right from your store manager and even automating product import from secondary sources into your store. You can easily create separate ads in Google AdWords for each and every product in your store. These particular tools also help to import/export product and customer information between the store with your accounting package, etc.

To summarise, these addons make store management a lot easier, faster and more convenient, provide you with the possibility to promote your products on the web thus increasing the number of your customers. Do not waste time. Invest in your upcoming future. Try ZenCart Addons immediately!

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What to perform if the Job is “ Writing a Lab Report ”

Very first of all, it can be archiving the writing then communicating these to management.
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Western Home Decor is in Store

Got a hankering for fixin’ up the home front? There’s no need to be a fussin’ over the stores in your town when you can have new stuff for the homestead at the click of the mouse. Kick off your boots and load up on some of these western home decor suggestions.

Get ready for western style living by first choosing a particular western theme that is to your liking. Consider a cowboy theme complete with a cowboy hat switch plate, a western antler rope basket, a southwest clock (instead of using the sun and moon), and a figurine of a hard working western hero. Of course, you can add a couple of spur bookends over the fireplace and some cowboy storybooks to play up the theme.

With a horseshoe theme you could go with just a few simple additions such as trivets, coat hooks, a napkin holder and even a welcome sign with the family name. You could also center your theme on bandanas, boots, horses, the Wild West, or just rich leather accents.

Discover unique western interior design ideas and create the western home decor or log cabin decor plan of your dreams by choosing to mix a variety of items like covered wagon replicas, old barn paintings, western rugs, a Native American chandelier, or even a lodge wall light.

You can even find toilet seats that are engraved with western characters or wildlife on stained and lacquered wood. They can even be engraved with messages on the inside and brass hinges to add to the western design.

Shop for western bedding by choosing a southwestern sunset bedding set. Some have genuine leather trim, silver conchos and various desert colors. The desert colors give bedding sets a luxury feel you can only dream of. Many queen sets include duvet covers, bed skirts, two pillow shams, a toss pillow and some even have a bolster pillow. The king sets usually add an extra European pillow because of size.

Get a ranch home feel by adding a different array of tables to your living room mix. A teak side table made of reclaimed teak timbers from aged farm homes, abandoned ox carts, and other weathered farm implements would be practical choices. You could play cards in style with a fancy poker table and chairs made out of European beech wood. Or wait out a game of pool in the comfort of a classic billiards chair. Get one with a carved hardwood frame and leather upholstery. Don’t forget a foot rest with nail-head trim to match.

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