I Was Tired of Feeling Boxed in

I was tired of feeling like I had a zillion neighbors. I know that it was nowhere near that many, but it sure did feel like it at times. I am not a hermit, but I found myself spending more and more time inside rather than going out and enjoying the amenities at my apartment. I decided to find a better apartment because I honestly did not want to spend all my time cooped up inside. I did a search for Grand Prairie apartments for rent, and I only looked at the ones that looked to be more secluded.

When I found The Forum at Grand Prairie, I knew instantly that I wanted to see if I could move there. I was able to apply online, and it did not take them long to get back to me that I was eligible for one of the apartments there. I only needed a one bedroom apartment, and they had two different floor plans that I could look at. I did go with the bigger one in case I spent time inside again, but I was really hoping that it would be a different experience at this complex.

The difference was there, and it was just like night and day. From my first day there, I never felt boxed in like I did before. When I look out my patio at the view, I can actually see trees and the gorgeous sky. Before, all I could see were buildings and more buildings. There are not as many apartments here as well, which gives it a more private feeling. I have gotten to know a lot of the people who live here, which is something I never did at my old place. I no longer spend the majority of my time inside my apartment, making this the best move ever for me.